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Iran Urges Action Against Israel After Natanz Blast



Iran Explosions: Iran on Tuesday called for action against Israel, following a recent blast at the Natanz nuclear facility that has been blamed on the Jewish state. “This method Israel is using is dangerous, and it could spread to anywhere in the world,” government spokesman Ali Rabiei said during a press conference.

The Mossad spy agency recently foiled planned or attempted Iranian attacks on Israeli diplomatic missions in Europe and elsewhere, according to a report. The report by Israel’s Channel 12 said the names of the countries where attacks were prevented remain under censorship, but cooperation with them helped to thwart the attacks.

According to experts, the Natanz explosion has set back Iran’s nuclear program by more than a year.  This assessment is similar to those quoted by various intelligence officials over the past few days, which cite a setback of one or two years.



Annexation: Any changes to Israel’s eastern frontier would impact relations between Israel and Egypt, Jordan, France and Germany, the countries’ foreign ministers said on Tuesday. Such a move “could also have an impact on relations with Israel,” they warned.

Also on Tuesday, the leader of the Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group vowed to prevent Israel’s annexation of parts of the West Bank. “We support the Palestinian people and its leadership, and are ready to do anything to block and prevent the annexation plan,” said Hassan Nasrallah.

The White House peace team is expected to further discuss how to implement its Middle East vision on Wednesday.  Sovereignty moves, in accordance with US President Donald Trump’s peace plan, are “still possible” this month, a source  familiar with the discussions told The Jerusalem Post.



COVID-19: Israel saw 1,319 new coronavirus infections on Tuesday, according to the daily report by the National Coronavirus Information and Knowledge Center. This is both a new high in daily cases for the country and the third time in one week that the number of new diagnoses has exceeded 1,000.

The Health Ministry is planning to tighten the criteria for carrying out coronavirus testing in a bid to ease pressure on an overwhelmed system. Officials are discussing stopping the testing of asymptomatic people as well as reducing the authority of family physicians to provide referrals to tests.



Antisemitism Watch: Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson posted antisemitic quotes attributed to Adolf Hitler and Louis Farrakhan on Instagram. Jackson, who has 1.4 million followers on Instagram,  has since apologized for the series of posts.

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