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Third Iranian Site This Week Damaged Under Mysterious Circumstances



An Iranian nuclear facility in Natanz was damaged today. It’s the third deadly ‘incident’ to occur under mysterious circumstances this week at Iranian sites. Are the three incidents linked?



Annexation: The Israeli government is divided. The White House is indecisive. Opposition at home and abroad is mounting. Now, Israeli officials are signalling that an announcement regarding the planned annexation could be made “in the coming weeks or months.”



COVID-19:  With infection rates surging  across Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the Knesset authorized the Shin Bet to use phone surveillance measures to track potential virus carriers. In the past day, Israel reported 905 new cases.

Crippled by the pandemic, El Al, Israel’s national airline, cancelled all passenger and cargo flights , and ordered all aircraft to return home.



Antisemitism Watch: Police are investigating after a swastika was drawn on a home and a bench in a Jewish community in northwest Baltimore.

Black Lives Matter Oxford has been accused of antisemitism after using an image of a controversial mural to illustrate a Facebook event.

VIDEO: HonestReporting CEO Discusses Annexation On ILTV

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